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  • Triple Blue - Grey Goose with 3 blue cheese stuffed olives

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  • Victory Golden Monkey

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February 27, 2009


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Hey Beth, I noticed your review on Yelp (one of my favorite sites) and checked out your site. Next time you're in Phoenixville, stop into our store (Hipster Home) and share some wine with us (every Friday & Saturday we serve). We love to share great experiences with other folks who appreciate wine.


Hi Dave -
Thanks for your post and viewing my Blog. We would love to stop by your store. I checked out your Website and your store looks fun. How late are you open on Friday and Saturday?


Well, Friday & Saturday nights we usually close late (9pm-ish) is a good reference. It really depends on how busy the night is and how many people are strolling the town. But, we are huge wine enthusiasts and love to share our wine.


...and by the way, that pear martini is really yummy.


Usually we're open 'til 9pm-ish on Friday and Saturday unless the night is just unbearably slow (not too often). But we love to share wine and the experience of wine.

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